Master Complex Data by Transforming Tribal Knowledge to Formal Knowledge

Sapphire Nine helps customers learn to master their data instead of just managing it. We partner with business and IT to work together and focus on creating value instead of volume. 



KPI Management 

Identify and build consensus around measurable KPIs in order to focus leadership on the strategic levers to move the business in the right direction.


Data Management and Visualization Strategy
Map the existing data architecture, infrastructure, and major pain points in order to create the perfect Data Strategy and Roadmap. Breakthrough data silos and deliver critical insights to the correct person.  
Customize visualization techniques into codified guidelines to produce clear, effective, and professional dashboards for all levels of the business.With critical insights readily available gain a competitive advantage within your industry.

Predictive Score Generation & Delivery

Create forward looking scores to predict customer or employee behavior with industry tested statistical methodologies. Implement the right delivery mechanism to get the score to the right person at the right time.

Data Governance

The continued democratization of data has made data governance a vital part of any successful company. Increase transparency for the entire business with Sapphire Nine’s guidance by implementing a structured and documented process of defining, changing, and mapping the lineage of your data. Replace the pain of tribal knowledge and reap the benefits of knowing the source of all KPIs, dashboards, and analysis. This process is made easier with Sapphire Nine’s comfort in using multiple techniques and tools for confident data governance.

Analytic Maturity Score

Take the Sapphire Nine Analytic Maturity Survey to map out your anatytic strengths and weaknesses. This identification process will set the foundation for the successful transformation from managing data to mastering data.


Sapphire Nine is an analytic consulting firm focused on and specializing in data strategy, management, data governance and predictive scoring.


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